Berberian Nut Company — a brand recognized around the world is a supplier of premium walnuts grown exclusively by Deseret Farms of California. While BNC is continuously improving efficiency with the best equipment, people and processes in the industry, our grower is improving efficiency with the best land, plantings, and land-management technology available. Customers can see the results firsthand, and we invite them to do so. They can feel secure in our unmatched traceability, reliability, and quality.

As sister companies, Berberian Nut Company and Deseret Farms of California have a growing tradition. Even as we operate on a global scale, the small-farm values of earlier days live on in our people and practices.

You can think of BNC/DFC walnuts as your own personal supplier, from first planting to the day the product is delivered to you. We can focus directly on our trees and customers without the distraction of managing multiple growers.

Ours is a tradition of high ethical standards, including integrity, transparency, and professionalism—and we look for the same values in our business partners. We value hard work and foster a culture of accountability and continuous improvement from the orchard to the box. It all adds up to a walnut you can’t find anywhere else, and that’s the Berberian Nut Company difference.