In addition to California walnuts, and independent of Berberian Nut Company, DFC grows and processes prunes through a preeminent California processor. There, they are packaged and shipped worldwide.

Deseret Farms plans on farming in California for the long-term, and we know that caring for the environment is critical to the ongoing health and happiness of our trees. By carefully managing our land, water resources and by-products, we are able to team up with Mother Nature to responsibly produce the best walnuts and prunes around. Below are just a few examples of what we are doing to be good stewards of the beautiful California farmland where we work and live.


  • Our walnut trees counteract approximately 45.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year. That’s the annual amount of carbon produced by over 5,370 vehicles.
  • All of our prune orchards are irrigated with highly efficient drip or micro-jet irrigation systems. These systems put the water right where the tree needs it and avoid unnecessary run-off and overwatering.
  • The distance from our walnut huller to our walnut processing plant is less than three miles. This allows us to reduce the amount of freight needed during harvest, which reduces the amount of carbon emissions.
  • We own over 980 acres of uncultivated land that is left for wildlife habitat. This acreage supports different ecosystems including grasslands, freshwater wetlands, and temperate deciduous forests.
  • After removing aging orchards, all the irrigation hose is either sold for reuse or recycled. This year, that amounted to 680,000 feet of reused or recycled hose.