Food Safety

At Berberian Nut Company, we place food safety as a top priority in growing and handling our walnuts. As an industry leader, Berberian Nut Company is GFSI certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), allowing us to do business with customers that have the highest standards. In addition, we subscribe to robust, independently audited, HACCP and HARPC programs, current GMPs, and routine hygiene and environmental monitoring. These programs, coupled with USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), allow us to provide our customers with walnuts that meet and exceed their expectations.


Since we process walnuts from a single grower and use a customized inventory database program exclusive to BNC and DFC, we are easily able to trace product from field to box. Such traceability gives our customers confidence that the product they receive has been cared for from the time the tree was planted until the fruit leaves our facility.

As we receive feedback from customers, we can then relay that information to our processing and quality control department, and in turn, our grower, Deseret Farms of California. This, along with our advanced sorting equipment and food safety and quality protocols, allows us to deliver the highest quality product in our industry. The symbiotic relationship between Berberian Nut Company and Deseret Farms of California makes our promise of customer satisfaction a reality.